Lima RBA Double Spring Show - Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lima RBA extends appreciation as you support our annual fall show.

Show Location

Auglaize County Fairgrounds
1001 Fairview Dr
Wapakoneta, OH 45895

Specialty Show
Starts at 8 AM

American Chinchilla Specialty Show
Start Time: 8 AM
Judge: Bob Swartz (OH)
Entry Fee: $4.00
Show Secretary: Bennie Wade

Ohio Jersey Wooly Specialty Show
Start Time: 8 AM
Judge: Mike Adams (OH)
Entry Fee: $3.00
Show Secretary: Lisa Bell

Ohio Mini Rex Rabbit Club
Specialty Show
Start Time: 8 AM
Judge: Joey Martin (OH)
Entry Fee: $3.00 / $1.00 Fur
Show Secretary: Karen Hackett

Ohio State Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club
Specialty Show
Start Time: 8 AM
Judge: Mark Jacobs (IL)
Entry Fee: $4.00 / $1.50 Fur
Show Secretary: Kim Snyder

Rabbit & Cavy
All-Breed Show
Starts at 9 AM.

Check-In from 7 AM to 8:45 AM.
Entry Fee: $3.00 per entry
Fur Entry Fee: $1.00 per entry

Show Secretary:
Amanda Behee
Assistant Show Secretary:
Gloria Schroeder

Show Superintendents:
Don Schroeder
Assistant Show Superintendents:
Garrett Thompson & Anne Smedley 

Breeds Sanctioned

(National and State/ Open and Youth
unless otherwise noted)

American Chinchilla (Nat'l Open & Youth)
American Fuzzy Lop (Nat'l Open)
Angoras (English, French, Giant, Satin) (Nat'l Open & Youth)
Belgian Hare (Nt'l Open)
Californian (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Champagne D'Argent (Nat'l Open)
Creme D'Argent (Nat'l & State Open)
Dutch (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Dwarf Hotot (Nat'l & State Open)
English Lop (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Flemish Giant (Nat'l & State Open)
Florida White (Nat'l Open & Youth)
French Lop (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Holland Lop (Nat'l Open & Youth)
Jersey Wooly (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Lilac (Nat'l Open & Youth)
Lionhead (Nat'l Open & Youth)
Mini Lop (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Mini Rex (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Mini Satin (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Neth Dwarf (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
New Zealand (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Polish (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Rex (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Rhinelander (Nat'l Open & Youth)
Satin (Nat'l & State Open & Youth)
Silver Fox (Nat'l Open & Youth)

Lima RBA will be hosting
* Silent Rabbit & Cavy Auction *
(proceeds to Lima RBA equipment fund)
* Raffle *
*Food Booth * 

Cage Dealer: Bogan Cages and Supplies 
For larger orders contact in advance
(937) 584-4332 

Registrar: Richard King (OH) 

Cull Buyer: Dale Von Deylen
$1 per pound, 3 1/2 pound minimum

$25.00 Fee on all returned checks












Honorable Rabbit Judges

Mike Avesing (IA)

Kevin Bogan (OH)


Terry Fender (OH)


Dave Hauser (IN)


Pam Jones (MI)


Todd Naragon (IN)


Bruce Ormsby (IN)


Ron Petras (OH)

Adam Schuller (OH)


Tex Thomas (MO)


Tonna Thomas (MO)


Jeremy Watmuff (MI)




Honorable Cavy Judges





Mary Lou Eisel (ON)


John Soper (MI)